Q: Are the machines user friendly?

A: Yes, all of our machines are very user friendly. Anyone can operate them. 

Q: What weight stock can the machines cut?

A: Anything that you can run through a press or copier, even UV coated.

Q: How long do the blades last on the machines?


Q. What is the difference between a slitter machine and a cutter machine?

A: They are 2-inch circular high carbon steel self-sharpening blades and will last for years.

A. A slitter machine has circular blades that are turning as the card stock is being fed into the machine. A cutter machine has a straight blade that cuts the card stock in an up and down motion just like a guillotine or a manual hand operated paper cutter.

Q: How much do the machines cost?

A: Prices for each machine vary. Call us at 727-848-3730 or sunenterusa@outlook.com for a quote. 

Q: Are all your machines really built in the USA?

A: Yes, they really are! All of our machines are proudly built in the USA by skilled craftsmen and built to last.

A: Yes, we have a full line of parts. We do our own service and repairs at our facility.

Q: Do you supply parts, service and repairs for your machines?