Quality Business Card Slitters

Cut Business Cards Fast and Accurately With Any of Our Machines to Save Time and Money

  • Regular and Gutter Cut formats (gutter cut for full bleed cards). Automatic and manual machines (8-up, 10-up and 12-up formats).
  • Machines are built to last with 2-inch circular high carbon steel self-sharpening blades and are chain driven, NOT belt driven.
  • Machines are heavy duty and will cut any stock that you can print or copy, including UV coated stocks.
  • All machines are very user friendly.

The HS-100 Handi-Scor will Score, Crease and Perforate

Saves you from sending out your materials or setting up an automatic machine for those short run jobs.

  • Tent cards, wedding invitations, menus, brochures, greeting cards and more.
  • Very powerful with easy setup, anyone can operate.
  • Light bond to heavy card stock.

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See the HS-3000GC in Action

All Machines Proudly Built in the USA

We have been a world leader in manufacturing and sales of table-top business card slitters for over 25 years.

  • So user friendly, anyone can operate them!
  • We feature gutter cut formats for full-bleed cards in both automatic and manual machines.
  • Regular cut in 8-up, 10-up and 12-up formats. 
  • Proudly built in the USA!

All Machines Built to Last

All of our machines are quality built by skilled craftsmen in the USA and very user-friendly.
— Mike Zampella, Owner